The 2017 season is over , but we are still booking tours for groups in February 2018 and special bookings for school shows. Call Queen Atterberry for more information 843-557-4080
  • Tours: The church will be open Monday – Thursday 9am – 1pm for tours and for making reservations for groups and pre-book tours.
  • Performing Art: A play “Eyes Fus Member” or “When I First Remember” that use songs, dialog, Gullah stories and African drumming to tell the story of how the enslaved people made it over.
  • Textile Art: The traditional art of quilting ( no sewing ) of the enslave people a craft that of being revised by Sharon Cooper Murray
  • Food Art: Making and tasting of traditional enslave food , food that was thrown away but the people made it into something that taste good and nutritious for them to survive.

Don’t miss the Piccolo Spoleto Hit!
“When I first Remember”

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Old Bethel United Methodist Church
222 Calhoun St., Downtown Charleston
Shows are every Thursday at 7pm
June through October
Tickets can be purchased at the door or at Charleston Visitor Centers.

Come be a part of living history.
Learn about the Gullah-Geechie people of the Low country
Witness this theatrical journey from Africa, through slavery and plantation life, and back to Africa.


Gullah-Geechee show continues at Old Bethel United Methodist
[Post & Courier, Aug 3, 2017]

“When I first Remember” was featured in Adam Parker’s article on the 2016 Moja Festival:
2016 MOJA Festival offers wide variety of events

What an Awesome Play. Absolutely Unforgettable. I asked from the Oldest to the Youngest: What did You learn from this This True Play about Our Ancestors #IRememberWhen
1. I wanted to get up & dance with the drums. It Sounds like I know the Songs
2. I wanted to cry because the drums told the Slaves danger was coming. The Lady was screaming for her Mother. They took her Mother. They put a rope on the ladies neck. They tied her hands. I wanted to cry.
3. It was good. It made me sad.
4. She watched the kids laughing & having fun. 5. I didn’t know we can eat pigged feet. Have You ever tasted it? Me: Yes. I wanna taste it? How do You make it. Me: I will ask Your Mom if she will cook it for You.
6. It made me sad. Why did the people do that to the Slaves. They can sing Too.
7. The people was good.
8. She was clapping every time she heard the Drums from #adunde